Tier 4

Tier 4The Creation of Fresh Tier 4 Power Solutions

Perkins leads the way in diesel engine development. That is why many Perkins engines already comply with Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB / MLIT Step 4 requirements. And on our continuing journey of product improvement, we’re already well on the way to Tier 4 Final and beyond.

Perkins Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB engine solutions have been developed through listening to the needs of our customers and their markets. With this fresh approach, Perkins engineers have used all their experience to meet the challenge of providing better performance and improved fuel economy.

Perkins works together with OEMs in their Technology Integration Workshops, to give you what you wanted: dependable power backed by flexible, fully integrated engine solutions, providing you with a more productive machine operating with a lifetime of low cost.

Who says you can’t have it all? Find out how you can by visiting: www.tier4air.com

Tier 4 Series brochures

pdfView 400 Series Tier 4 brochure (4.58MB)

pdfView 850 Series Tier 4 brochure (4.70MB)

pdfView 1200 Series Tier 4 brochure (6.23MB)

Tier 4 Spec Sheets

pdfView 854E-E34TA IOPU spec sheet (2.2MB)

pdfView 1204E-E44TA/TTA IOPU spec sheet (2.91MB)

pdfView 1206E-E70TTA IOPU spec sheet (2.76MB)